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14 feb 2023 om 23:51 No dressing for any Salad No Sauce for Calamari Rings No Ketchup, Majo or any Salt for the Fries Burger was good grilled Chicken Breast was good Quesadillas was okay
4 jun 2022 om 16:29 I ordered a burrito, I won't do it again.
5 apr 2022 om 13:39 ordered at 11.45AM. ETA stated was 1.30pm. now the delivery time has extended to 1.50pm. not sure who else waits 2hrs for food delivery but i certainly did. not just today only but a couple of times already.
8 mrt 2022 om 15:27 Nice food, convenient location
3 mrt 2022 om 14:49 Eten koud geleverd, dips niet appart verpakt